About Subrata

About Subrata Manna


Subrata is an M.A in Percussion music from Rabindra Bhararti University, Kolkata. He is an ´A´ grade artist of All Radio & TV. He has been playing all over in India and abroad in many prestigious concerts and conferences and festivals successfully. Subrata has played almost in all the major music conferences in Kolkata and played in many other prestigious music conferences in different parts of India. Subrata has toured successfully in U.S.A, U.K and many European countries like Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Holland and many Middle East countries Like Kuwait, Dubai and in Martinique in Caribbean Island.He had also represented govt. of India to perform different international music festival in Mexico, Canada, Iraq and Jordon organized by I.C.C.R. He has to his credit several audio cds releasing from different companies which are available in the market. Subrata led a team of vocalist and Kathak dancer and a Sitar player to represent Hinduism through North Indian classical music in of one of most prestigious International festivals called ´MUSICASACRA´ and in south of Germany and Eigenarten Festival, Germany.

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Subrata was felicitated in a concert in Kuwait by one of the dignitaries of Kuwait Govt.

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Subrata was greeted by the high official of the Kaufbeuren city, Germany in an international festival called MOD festival where he led a group of musicians and dancer to represent Hinduism through Indian classical music and dance.

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Addressing the audience in a special concert only for the sponsors of an international festival.